Fleet management

April 2, 2010 at 3:43 pm (transportation) (, , , )

What is fleet management ?

The fleet management system is an application that is able to verify the exact location of vehicle in real time (real time), to shows on digital maps, record tracks record of all information technology combining GPS, GPRS etc.

  • Control of vehicles, ships etc
  • Combination of technologies

Where can be used to?

  • To give exact information in the company about their vehicles positions
  • Speed and distance of vehicle till now
  • Can be used to a medium or big company (they can afford the cost)
  • Courrier companies and also in public transportation

How works?

Three are the main parts of a system like this

  • The main control ,where people control and take the information of vehicles
  • The important systems like gps installed on the vehicles
  • A web based application in any case ,more or less an information webpage

Is it necessary ?


  • Lot of useful information about the progress of the company and how can they improve
  • These information can extract very attracted reports
  • Every moment the company knows where the vehicles are and they know if the driver doing his job well
  • Improve the efficiency by organizing better the distances, the routes etc
  • Lower costs on fuels


  • It costs
  • Privacy of the driver
  • Stressful



  1. josepe said,

    Good post, but you should not rely too much on “software vendor” definition. They always make that the definition of the concept fits exactly with their sw capabilities.

    • alk1s said,

      that’s true. i just liked how detailed is but also the potential capabilities they have!

  2. Fleet Management « DanielGmoe's Blog said,

    […] The Advantages and Disadvantages are former written by Alkis in his blog (https://ilogistics.wordpress.com/2010/04/02/fleet-management/). […]

  3. danielgmoe said,

    Hi Alkis I expand the topic a little bit with general informations in my blog. (http://danielgmoe.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/fleet-management/)

    Best regards


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