Ports & logistics ¿why?

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Why ports are so well-connected with logistics?

Sea trades have been very important for every country and his economy. Is a key factor on global trade, plus is very important to local economy growth. Instead of airports and other transportation, seaports and sea trade is quite friendly to the environment and still safe.

Ports are  an important factor in supply chain ,as its a key on combination of transportations. Interfaces like:

  1. Ship – street
  2. Ship – tren
  3. Ship – ship

Logistic companies and seaports are looking always for re-shipment methods so are able to keep costs low. So they need faster re-shipment and better management on these. That’s very important  because has an impact of:

  1. Higher cost shippers
  2. Deadline penalties for delays
  3. Costs of shipping for companies
  4. Cost for harbors
  5. Competitiveness

Relative to the delay are:

  1. Total time on delay (lateness)
  2. Total time on distribution
  3. Delay on weight measure (tones per hours)

Problems on seaports

Constructing seaports the companies face several problems. They need to design and organize very careful the enormous place where seaport gonna be. Further seaports should have great infrastructure programming , superstructure and for sure the right equipment.

Then on operational level, the problems a harbor may has are the control of goods and products, unit load, warehousing.

Type of harbors

  1. Landlord : Rotterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona
  2. Tool: Marseille
  3. Public service: Peireas(Greece)
  4. Private service: Felixstowe

Competitiveness and general costs

To understand usually problems and daily routines we need to give an example. If a shipment needs to go from point A to point B which way should follow and which seaports gonna pass?


  • F=total cost from A to B
  • VOT=time value
  • T=total time from A to B
  • a= relative to the direccion

A birds-eye view of the the world’s busiest port, an international trading center boasting 200 shipping lines and connections to 600 port ports in 123 countries.

This is a video i liked because it looks so crowded the sea near to singapore port.





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  1. wms said,

    Sea port is undoubtedly the integral part of logistics management. It’s the important element now because every company tries to make products in lowest cost countries and cargoes have to go to seaport. Security issue at seaport is also important for issue in logistics management.

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